July 2022 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

June 2022 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

May 2022 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

MF&Co Chief Strategist Mark Fontanilla to speak at: IMN's 6th Annual Investor's Conference on U.S. Risk Transfer

April 2022 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

MF&Co Chief Strategist Mark Fontanilla to speak at: SCI's 6th Annual Risk Transfer & Synthetics Seminar

March 2022 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

MF&Co's Founder Mark Fontanilla appointed to IMN's 2022 U.S. Risk Transfer Advisory Board

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CRTx® and RSKFREx™ Index Suites Now on Refinitiv

The CRTx® (Credit Risk Transfer Return Tracking Index) suite, including daily historical index levels, periodic returns, and month-end rebalancing risk/reward metrics, and the new RSKFREx™ Index and Rate suite, are now available on Refinitiv™ (a London Stock Exchange Group company) fixed income data products, including the Eikon terminal and the DataScope Select data delivery platform (https://www.refinitiv.com/en/products).

MF&Co Introduces The RSKFREx™ Index Suite

Rolling Short-Term Key Funding Reference Index & Rate

The RSKFREx™ (Rolling Short-term Key Funding Reference Index) is a fixed income total return benchmarking suite that emulates recurring investment in a prevailing short-term 4-week U.S. Treasury Bill. The suite is comprised of the RSKFREx™ Index and the corresponding RSKFREx™ Rate. Both fluctuate directly with prevailing market rates, are settled daily, and rebalanced monthly to provide a realistic representation of the execution economics from “rolling” 4-week U.S. Treasury Bills, allowing for straightforward, practical, and highly flexible benchmarking of excess returns and/or funding costs.

Advanced Market Intelligence, Insights, and Strategies

Providing Comprehensive Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services To The Markets

LATEST CRTx® Index Rebalancing Metrics (8/1/2022)

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CRTx® Index Basket: July 2022  Factor Updates (7/25/2022)

  • CRTx® AGG principal paydown percentage was 5.38% of July basket UPB, vs 4.70% in June:

    • $ 2,921 million in paydowns/tenders

    • $ 216 million in coupon payments

  • +1.5bps to July CRTx® AGG total return due to paydowns/tenders.

  • Class C/Es stable to slightly higher.

  • Aggregate 1st-loss B-piece index realized write-downs/shortfalls total return hit -2.5bps for July

  • July factor speeds little changed/slightly lower for STACR (seasoned range ~low-  to high-teens CPRs).

  • Total DQ%s and 180+ DQ #/$ continued to fall, about high-single digits % MoM.

  • 16 reference pool groups continued to fail their DQ Test in July, down 4 vs. 20 in June.

  • LIBOR resets +63bps, SOFR resets +59bps.



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