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April 2024 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

March 2024 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

February 2024 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

MF&Co's Founder Mark Fontanilla appointed to the new IMN MBS Forum 2024's advisory board

Latest 2024-02-01 SCI/MF&Co SRTx™ (Significant Risk Transfer Index) Fixings

MF&Co Chief Strategist Mark Fontanilla to speak at: SCI's 8th Annual Risk Transfer & Synthetics Seminar

January 2024 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

December 2023 Month-End CRTx® Index Rebalancing Update

CRTx® and RSKFREx™ Index Suites Now on Refinitiv

The CRTx® (Credit Risk Transfer Return Tracking Index) suite, including daily historical index levels, periodic returns, and month-end rebalancing risk/reward metrics, and the new RSKFREx™ Index and Rate suite, are now available on Refinitiv™ (a London Stock Exchange Group company) fixed income data products, including the Eikon terminal and the DataScope Select data delivery platform:

Market Musings

Surfing A Shape-Shifting Curve (5/1/24)

The belly/long end of the curve backed up a virtually parallel 45-50bps in April, while the front end didn’t really move much at all. The curve is still inverted however, and fixed rate sectors were in the red for the month (and further in the red YTD) despite all the spread tightening in IG/HY. As the Fed keeps its stance at likely “higher for longer”, CRT and other floater coupons continue to benefit not only from higher coupon carry, but also from an intrinsic up-rate defensive convexity advantage over medium/long duration fixed rates. (Read more here)

With Credit Contained for Now, Look for Convexity Edge (4/1/24)

Deal-to-deal credit risk differentiation has perhaps moderated a bit across the complex, making good old-fashioned convexity a more discerning relative value factor than it has been recently, especially given the vast majority of the sector is trading at a premium right now. (Read more here)

“Bond Gravity” Limits Price Upside, But Carry Remains in Orbit (3/1/24)

At this point in the cycle, benchmark GSE CRT has likely limited price upside as “bond gravity”, including premium amortization effects and historic spread ranges, provide an increasing drag on how high market values may go from here, but carry remains substantial. (Read more here)

Add Recent Issues Down the Stack, Hold Seasoned Paper Amidst Steady, Supportive Backdrop (1/31/24)

Heading into February, sector relative value themes continue in the same vein as the beginning of the year: seasoned paper for risk/reward and scarcity value, newer issues relative to IG/HY, but with a few minor tweaks given the backdrop from the 4 Cs of fixed income relative value right now (we added a fourth C to last month’s commentary: conditions). (Read more here)

2024 Sector Outlook - From Asymmetric Reward to Asymmetric Risk (12/29/23)

When it comes to the 3 Cs of fixed income relative value – credit, convexity, and carry, the stars aligned for the benchmark GSE CRT market in 2023 to produce an all-time sector-record annual total return of 17.69%. For 2024, a repeat performance may not be likely as several key 2023 tailwinds at the least may stall out, or even possibly become headwinds, which would bring returns for 2024 back down towards more earthly levels. (Read more here)

Floater Coupons On Fed Watch (11/30/23)

Fed tightening has certainly helped floaters since March of last year. SOFR has gotten stuck within a few-bps range following every hike, and it hasn’t moved much from the 5.30%-ish level since the last Fed Funds raise in July. With the current economic backdrop at this point in the cycle, the risk of Fed cut/hold/raise is much more biased towards cut/hold as the inflation rate has tempered, but not necessarily to the Fed’s 2% target yet. Historically, the Fed has hiked to stave off inflation, cut to counter declining growth. The latest resilient GDP numbers would likely keep the Fed holding steady, but as soon as that changes and dips appear, historically unemployment and rates follow…



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SCI/MF&Co SRTx™ (Significant Risk Transfer Index)

2024-05 Fixing Date - Survey Submission Window: CLOSED

LATEST CRTx® Index Rebalancing Metrics (4/30/2024)

CRTx 2024-04-30 Return-Rebal Panel.png

CRTx® Index Basket: APR 2024  Factor Updates (4/25/2024)

  • CRTx® AGG principal paydowns were 0.69% of the April basket UPB vs 2.23% in March:​

    • $ 411 million in coupon payments.

    • $ 351 million in paydowns.

  • -1.0 bps to Apr. CRTx® AGG total return due to paydowns.

  • Class C/Es a few bps higher.

  • Aggregate 1st-loss B-piece index realized write-downs/shortfalls total return hit -4.4bps for April

  • April factor speeds +21% faster on average MoM based on STACR (seasoned range ~4- to 8-handle CPRs).

  • Total DQ%s -5% lower MoM (STACR).

  • One STACR deal continued to fail its DQ test in April and one CAS deal temporarily failed its min. CE test.

  • SOFR coupon resets little changed MoM at +1 bp.

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