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Rolling Short-Term Key Funding Reference Index

The RSKFREx™ (Rolling Short-term Key Funding Reference Index) is a fixed income total return benchmarking suite that emulates recurring investment in a prevailing credit risk-free short-term 4-week U.S. Treasury Bill. The suite is comprised of the RSKFREx™ Index and the corresponding RSKFREx™ Rate. Both fluctuate directly with prevailing market rates, are settled daily, and rebalanced monthly to provide a realistic representation of the execution economics from “rolling” 4-week U.S. Treasury Bills, allowing for straightforward and practical real-world benchmarking of excess returns and/or funding costs.

RSKFREx History 2024-07-05.png

The new RSKFREx™ Index and Rate suite, is now available on Refinitiv™ (a London Stock Exchange Group company) fixed income data products, including the Eikon terminal and the DataScope Select data delivery platform (

RSKFREx™ Index/Rate/Return Historical Data

RSKFREx™ History
RSKFREx™ Index
DoD Return
WoW Return
MoM Return
MTD Return
QTD Return
YTD Return
1-YR Return
3-YR Return

For information on RSKFREx™ data usage and redistribution of the RSKFREx™ Index and Rate, please contact:


Mark Fontanilla

Mark Fontanilla & Co., LLC

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C: (201) 213-7168

O: (704) 405-0575



Treasury Bill rate information obtained from U.S. Department of the Treasury resource center data.

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