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Subject Matter Expert (SME) Services

Board Services:


  • Independent membership available for expert financial, risk, and operational advisory seat needs

  • Ad-hoc and periodic SME board/committee presentation, discussion, and Q&A


Financial Markets Consulting:


  • Expert security pricing evaluation and verification

  • Market operating technicals and systemic risk fundamentals: decomposition modeling, technical assessment, and recommendations

  • Private retained analyst/strategist services

  • PRO (Professional Readiness Optimization™) Training Programs:

    • Capital Markets Instructional Sessions

      • Virtual Classroom Series

      • Company Specific Solutions

    • Virtual/live/recorded media media and public speaking training for finance executives and business professionals

Expert Witness Services:


  • Standard Legal Activity Case Consulting

  • Trial/Mediation/Arbitration/Deposition/Testimony Service

  • Expert Witness Reports

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