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Feedback and Complaints Policy


MFCo encourages, welcomes, and where applicable, solicits feedback from market participants regarding its current and future indexes. Additionally, complaints regarding any of its existing indexes are invited and encouraged, when appropriate, in order maintain the ongoing relevancy and robustness of its index products.


Feedback on current and future index products may be in reference to various aspects of MFCo’s indexes, and may include, but are not limited to:


  • Methodology

  • Constituency

  • Accuracy

  • Timing

  • Relevance

  • Feasibility


Any feedback on current and future index products may be communicated via email submission to


Complaints on current index products may be in reference to any of the same aspects of MFCo’s indexes as encouraged for general feedback. Regarding complaints on an existing MFCo index, complaints may possibly refer to:


  • The accuracy of current or past index calculation values

  • The index methodology and its calculation formulas

  • Constituent selection and composition

  • Index rebalancing results

  • Compliance, agreements, and licensing issues


Complaints should be submitted to, and should include the following information from the party submitting the complaint:


  • Contact information: Full name, firm, address, phone number, and email address

  • Index, or indexes, applicable to the complaint

  • Date of complaint and/or occurrence prompting the complaint

  • The complaint in detail

  • Any supporting information


All submitted complaints will be documented and diligently reviewed by MFCo’s Index Committee in a timely manner. MFCo will make every effort to acknowledge any complaints via email or written correspondence sent to the complaining party within 2 business days of receipt. Review of any claims is expected to be completed within 30 days of MFCo’s acknowledgement of the complaint or less, and MFCo may include additional questions and correspondence with the complaining party during the complaint review process. Upon completion of a complaint review, MFCo will document its findings and any resulting actions taken, and send a follow-up communication immediately following the completion of the complaint review process to the complaining party with the review findings and any subsequent actions to be taken.


The handling of any complaint, its information, the information of the complaining party, and any subsequent communication and rectification actions, will all be subject to the processes and procedures outlined and governed by MFCo’s Code of Conduct, all the doctrine set forth in the Master Index Administration and Advisory Policies, and the Rules and Methodology for each affected index.

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