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Advanced Market Intelligence, Insights, and Strategies

Founded in 2017, Mark Fontanilla & Company, LLC (MF&Co) is a minority-owned management consulting and markets advisory firm headquartered in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, NC.


MF&Co provides clients with comprehensive range of professional solutions including business assessments, investment strategies, advanced research and analysis, and indexing/benchmarking products and services.


From executive boards to local small businesses, MF&Co partners with clients to identify their unique risks and opportunities, and helps them develop strategies and solutions that matter.

MF&Co is a proud Organizational member of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations

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Mark Fontanilla

Founder/Chief Strategist

Mark Fontanilla is a highly skilled business professional with 20 years of experience in the bond markets, mortgage finance, and strategic research and planning. By virtue of his professional experience, Mark has achieved a uniquely thorough acumen in mortgage finance, markets, and business strategy. He was recently a senior fixed income marketing strategist at Fannie Mae, including specific work in their primary credit risk transfer (CRT)  program, Connecticut Avenue Securities™ (CAS). Prior to that, he had been a publishing residential mortgage securities strategist at Wells Fargo Securities, LLC. His comprehensive background includes:

  • Bond Trading – Mark has worked on trading desks at several large securities firms, making markets in residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS), asset backed securities (ABS), and commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS).


  • Financial Analytics – He has utilized various self-developed and industry standard analytic models and data sets for relative/fundamental value recommendations, credit analysis, portfolio strategies and construction, index creation, published research, and company business model assessment.


  • Mortgage Banking and Servicing – Mark had been an Executive Committee member at a mortgage banking/servicing company in charge of portfolio and risk management. Responsibilities covered the full range of mortgage activities including credit and operational risk, portfolio management, securitization, whole loan/NPL/MSR sales, organizational design, and OCC/rating agency compliance.


  • Market Research and Analysis – Mark has conducted and/or published market research and analysis in virtually all of his various professional roles. The scope of this work, and his associated subject matter expertise, has not only been at the broad-market level, but in high detail at the company, asset, and legislative levels as well. Areas of particular focus have included interest rates, the Federal Reserve, government sponsored entities (GSEs), specialty finance companies and banks, residential mortgage related assets, and consumer credit. 


  • Industry Distinctions -

  • Public Speaking and Media: Mark has been a panelist speaker at numerous financial industry conferences, and has been cited in various business media from published research pieces and public speaking engagements.

  • Published Works and Developments: Mark is a contributing author in The Handbook of Mortgage-Backed Securities, 7th Edition (2016) by Frank J. Fabozzi. Also, Mark had written numerous published research pieces as a mortgage securities strategist, and has created a number of mortgage related securities total return indexes.

Industries & Sectors


  • National/Local Macroeconomics

  • Residential/Commercial Real Estate

  • Fiscal & Monetary Policy

  • Government Agency Policy


  • Lending/Servicing

  • Underwriting

  • Operations

  • Risk Management

  • Asset/Liability Mgmt


  • US agency MBS & CMOs

  • Private label RMBS

  • Credit risk transfer (CRT)

  • Consumer/Commercial ABS

  • Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)


  • US Treasury Bills, Notes & Bonds

  • Investment Grade/High Yield Corporates

  • Fixed Income Indexes


  • Depository Institutions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Specialty Finance Lenders/Servicers

  • REITs

  • Business Development Cos. (BDCs)

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